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For any Muslim, it is obligatory to learn how to recite Quran for understanding what Allah is saying to us and what His Deen is all about. When it comes to the matter of recitation, the role of a teacher counts a lot. The more qualified and knowledgeable the Quran teacher is, the best Quranic education your kids will get.

Our online Quran academy has the most qualified teachers. Starting from Noorani Qaida, Tajweed, and recitation to memorization of Quran, we have a bunch of experienced teachers who play their role in motivating the students and develop their interest in reciting and learning Quran. Our online Quran teachers’ team includes both males and female Quran teachers.
We have Hafizul Quran, Tajweed teachers, Noorani Qaida teachers, and imams in our team of online teachers who are dedicated to teaching the students and make the process of reading and reciting Quran easy for all. Our teachers are experienced in teaching not just kids but also adults who want to learn how to recite Quran right from scratch.

Online Quran Teaching School provides online Quran courses for kids and adults of all ages with the ease of learning Quran at home. Basic Noorani Qaida course is designed for kids and beginners who don’t know Arabic language and Arabic alphabets. During this early course students are taught pronunciation and recognition of Arabic alphabets. Quran tutor teach students the art of how sounds originates for each letter and how to join two letters using signs. Quran recitation course is the next step in Quran learning for kids where Quran teacher guide students step by step how to implement tajweed rules in Quran recitation. In this basic Quran reading course for kids and beginners, students are taught how to read Arabic text version of holy Quran. Quran instructor make correction of mistakes made by reciter during the Quran class and also make them to practice rules of tajweed like rules of stopping in specific signs.


Quran Memorization course is designed for advance level Quran learners who already finished basic Quran reading course. Quran memorization means learning verses and Surah’s by heart. In early sessions students memorize small Surah’s of last para no. 30 than move forward step by step as they gain confidence. Quran Translation is also advance level course which is designed for those students who want to learn the word by word meanings of Arabic Quran in their own respective language. Those students who want more detailed meanings and in-depth detailed background of Quran verses can opt for Quran Translation course. These advance level Quran courses demands more concentration and time for learning and implementing the true teachings of Quran and Islam.

 First 3 days trail online Quran lessons are free of cost for everyone there is No cost No obligation during trail classes if you are satisfied than you can continue as regular student. Sign up for free trail by completing and sending the registration form now !

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